Films 2015 - Vol I. #5

Gran Torino

Clint Eastwood


A retired grumpy man in a changing neighborhood (and world), a beautifully kept and coveted car, vicious cowardly gang bangers, Clint Eastwood: ah, the setting for an enjoyable testosterone driven formula, but not quite…

A Year in Burgundy

David Kennard


Time for the harvest: a lovely documentary that is more than a documentary and a fine inscape to the old craft of wine, and the convergence of land, heart, history, and hands that cooperate to make it…

For mature high school students and above

Ordinary People

Judd Hirsch


This is a by the fire, be still, in the winter kind of movie.  It is not easy, but beautiful and powerful in an extraordinary ordinary way.

For mature high school students and above

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Steve Martin


Well, one of those films difficult to imagine Thanksgiving without…another film suggestion set in the Midwest…happy trails!

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